Patient Partner

Information to help when using Patient Partner


Q: What is it?

A: Patient Partner is system that allows you to book, cancel, check or change your appointments at any time, night or day seven days a week using your telephone.


Q: What information will I need if I chose to use the 24 hour automated phone service?

A: You will need the date of birth for the person you want to book, cancel, change or check an appointment for. Enter the date of birth as 6 digits example 01/01/01 follow by the star key *

A: You will also need the telephone number the surgery has associated to that person this could be a mobile or a landline. If using a landline please note you do not need the local code. Once entered press the star key*


Q:  What happens if the date of birth and telephone number is wrong?

A: If you fail the validation the following message will be played “we are unable to verify your details” you will then be given the option to try again. 

Please ensure your contact details are up to date.


Q: What do I do if I want to talk to a receptionist?

A: You have the option to talk to our reception team during our opening hours at all stages you just need to follow the guide at the time when it prompt you do so.


Q:  What information is available from Patient Partner?

A: By using Patient Partner you can access a lot of key information regarding external services for example the first message you will get if you chose to book in for an appointment is ‘If you are calling regarding dental queries, sexual health problems, symptoms or concerns about mental health, social care or for advice on emotional health & wellbeing of children and young people, please press 1 for a list of services.

For common minor conditions (colds, sore throats, rashes) Please contact your Pharmacy First.

 Alternatively hold for further appointment options.


Q: If I press 1 what is the information I will hear?

A: This will provide you with more details about services that may be able to help more quickly than  waiting  for an appointment

  • To access the Dental Helpline for Dental Queries, Press 1
  • To access the Sexual Health Service that provides care on all areas of sexual health, HIV & Contraception press 2
  • To access Talking Therapy Services who can offer help and support for people suffering with mild to moderate mental health conditions press 3
  • To access the School Health Service for advice and support on emotional health & wellbeing of children and young people, press 4
  • To access lifestyle and social care services that promote mental and physical health and wellbeing in adults, press 5 
  • To make a referral for services to older people in West Kent, press 6
  • To hear what pharmacy first can provide press 7
  • To hear this information again press the star key.
  • To return to the main menu, press 0

Q: What is pharmacy first?

A: Pharmacy first is for Common Minor Ailments which can often be dealt with by our Pharmacy First Scheme at a time to suit you as no appointment is required. The service is suitable for conditions such as:

•          Symptoms of a common cold or flu including coughs sore throats and temperatures

•          Acute constipation and diarrhoea

•          Skin conditions such as rashes, eczema and cold sores

•          Hay fever and allergic reactions including bites and stings

•          Chicken Pox & Head lice

•          Acute pain including toothache and earache

If you don’t usually pay for your prescriptions, under this scheme medications for minor ailments will be free of charge.

Please Note the service is not suitable for children under 2 years of age

Participating Pharmacists in Tunbridge Wells: Boots, Carrs Corner, Day Lewis (Southborough), Greggswood, Hobbs, Hollis and Imperial.

Paydens & Lloyds Sainsburys Tunbridge Wells are NOT currently participating in the scheme


Q: If I hold for the further appointment options as none of the above information is appropriate what type of appointment can I book?

A: Once you have confirmed your preferred appointment location (Clanricarde or Rowan Tree) you will have the ability to book an on the day appointment if you feel your condition is urgent or a routine or telephone appointment with your usual GP. Additionally you may make an appointment for a blood test if we have asked you  to  do  so.


Q: How do I know if I am suitable for a telephone appointment?

A: A telephone appointment is suitable for conditions that do not require a physical examination.  If you feel an examination may be required you should book a face to face appointment. Please note a telephone appointment is not to be used for requesting a prescription. Please call the Prescription Ordering Direct line on 01732 375 262.


Q: What if I need to book in for an appointment with the nurse for a routine review (asthma review, diabetic check, smear, jab, pill check, dressings etc.)?

A: Currently this is not an option so please chose to talk to a receptionist during opening hours. We hope to include these appointments at a later date. Please do not use the doctors’ appointments if you could be seen by a nurse.


Q: What if I want to change my appointment?

A: You can change your appointment at any time; the automated system will find you an alternative appointment before it cancels the existing appointment. This means you will follow the prompts as if you are making a new appointment.

Published: Oct 9, 2019