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Routine appointments can be booked up to six weeks ahead. For continuity of care we recommend that you see your usual doctor, although you are of course welcome to see any doctor in the practice. Acute cases and emergencies will always be seen the same day, normally with your usual doctor unless they are unavailable.

Our nurse practitioner also offers appointments. She is qualified to treat a range of illnesses and injuries. She is also authorised to prescribe medication if necessary.

Appointments with our practice nurses are available during the day. They are trained to deal with minor illnesses and injuries but will enlist the help of a doctor if there are any complications.

The surgery offers a number of pre-bookable appointments outside of normal surgery hours. They must, however, be booked during normal surgery hours. Remember: these are purely doctors' consultations; nursing services, phlebotomy etc will not be available.

On average nearly 30 appointments each week are lost through patients not attending and not contacting the surgery to cancel. That equates to one whole day wasted every single week!

The Practice Leaflet incorporates a section advising patients that should they be late, it may not be possible for them to be seen, or that they may be seen only with a considerable wait.

Can we ask all of our patients to refrain from calling the surgery between 8.30am - 9.30am unless it is of an urgent medical nature. We need to keep our phone lines free for patients who are unwell on the day and have to get through to us to book urgent appointments. All routine appointments must be booked in advance, not on the day.

How to get the most from your Appointment

Make a list of what you want to ask the GP
Write a list of things that you want to discuss with the GP in order of priority. When you go into your consultation show the list to him/her so that they can decide what is important to deal with on this visit and to judge if any of your problems may be related to each other. Please bear in mind that it is not normally possible for your doctor to deal with more than two problems during one visit and that they may ask you to make another appointment to discuss anything not covered.

Another reason for writing a list is that perhaps you find some problems embarrassing and private and therefore leave them until last, at which point time has run out.

Make sure you understand what the doctor is telling you
It's a good idea to make notes if you think you might not remember what the doctor is telling you and ask them to explain clearly if there is something you don't understand. If you need blood tests make a note of what they are - you can check more about blood tests if you have access to the internet on If you telephone the surgery to book a test or to get a result it helps the receptionist if you can tell her what tests you're asking about.

Dress appropriately
If you might need to undress for an examination or roll up your sleeve for an injection or blood pressure test, please wear suitable clothing so that valuable time isn't wasted while you undo elaborate zips, buttons and fastenings.

Take responsibility for your own health
Please telephone the surgery for results of any tests and if you need regular blood tests try to remember to book an appointment well in advance. Try to take your medication as advised by your doctor. If you have stopped taking any medication, please do not stockpile it - tell your pharmacist or GP why you no longer need it and ask them to remove it from your repeat prescription list. Wasted drugs cost the NHS huge amounts of money every year.

For blood test results please call after 3pm three days after attending the test.

And finally... please be patient and nice to our extremely dedicated receptionists!


Medical and nursing students may be sitting in with your doctor from time to time. If you do not wish a student to be present during your consultation, just tell the doctor/clinician.

Temporary Residents

You are entitled to see a doctor anywhere in the UK if you are away from home and in need of medical help. You can do this by asking to see the nearest doctor as a temporary resident.

We are happy to see any relatives or friends staying with you (provided they are normally resident in the UK) if they need to consult a doctor.


Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Set up a lasting power of attorney before you lose capacity and it Centre For Sight Ltd Hollis Pharmacy Stuart Korth & Associates J Kempster & Son A W Pimm Beechwood Sacred Heart School
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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Set up a lasting power of attorney before you lose capacity and it Centre For Sight Ltd Hollis Pharmacy Stuart Korth & Associates J Kempster & Son A W Pimm Beechwood Sacred Heart School
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